The Annual General Meeting has been changed to SUNDAY 21 MAY 2017. Everything else, including the time of 11am, will be the same. Don’t forget to submit your suggestion for a local good cause to benefit from BLAA’s generosity – just drop a line to me Kim.scrivener@gmail.com and I’ll add it to the list for discussion.


Apologies for long radio silence from the BLAA headquarters – we do have other things in our lives……

I have created a new folder called 2017 Photos. If you look you will find some photos so far of our two social events – the fantastic Quiz, held on 4 March in the Village Hall, and the Spring Brunch this morning. For various technical reasons, I can’t seem to upload all the quiz pictures, but will have another go soon.

The Quiz was won by the aptly named A Team. Well done for a high score in yet another of Chris Feakes’ fiendish quizzes. The Beeches won the wooden spoon for their valiant attempt.

Thanks to all who attended either or both events. Your support is essential to maintain the great community spirit we have on our lovely site. Upcoming events are the AGM and the Summer BBQ – more details soon!



Don’t forget this Saturday evening at Park Street Village Hall – doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start for our fabulous Annual Quiz evening! Bring your own drinks and nibbles, but rest assured there will be a lovely supper in store. Bring your general knowledge, your wits and mainly yourselves!



Despite the chilly and unhospitable weather, it is time for the SPRING NEWSLETTER! Enjoy. Any comments, feedback or contributions please to Jan Castle.


Apologies for the late addition of the Autumn 2016 Newsletter to the website. Hope you enjoy!


….. is now out! Enjoy!

Newsletter Summer 2016

Don’t forget to choose your preferred good local cause to receive £100 donation on the front door of the Hut by 1 July!


The eighth BLAA Annual General Meeting took place at 2pm on Sunday 15 May on site. Thanks were expressed to the Committee, St Albans Council, Ross (for chippings) and to all those who had helped improve the site over the last year. Attention was drawn to the popular social events held over the last year, and the provision of extra car parking space at the top of the site. Members were reminded that they should keep taking non-compostable rubbish home with them, that cultivation of plots was closely monitored by the Council and that the barrier remained in place at the discretion of the Site Officer, Pat Solomons. See here for the full draft Minutes of the AGM.

Changes to BLAA Constitution

On more formal matters, changes to the Constitution were put forward and agreed by the membership. There were four categories, as follows. See here for the revised Constitution.

  1. Typographical errors and grammatical mistakes – these were taken as read and did not require a vote.
  2. Necessity for a Vice-chairman – it was agreed that such a small organisation did not need a Vice-chairman and in the event of the Chair’s absence another member       could stand in. This rule would therefore be removed.
  3. Strengthening the provision for removal of a member from the Association – it was agreed that this was non-contentious and so should be added.
  4. Electing ‘Friends’ as officers/committee members – there was an opportunity to extend eligibility to stand for the Committee to Friends, but only to those who had previously been plot holders and that these should be unanimously approved by the membership. It was likely that the numbers would be extremely small. Such individuals usually had to give up their plots through no fault of their own.

Election of Committee

The following were re-elected for a further three years:

Kim Scrivener, Chair

Barbara Vernon, Secretary

The following was confirmed to continue to her second year of her term of office as Treasurer in the new category of Friend of the Association and former plot holder:

Jan Carpenter

The following were re-elected to serve on the Committee:

Jan Castle

Derrick Davies

Gill Feakes

Christine Miles

Jim Miller

Graham Wilson has agreed to stand again as Auditor.

Annual donation to good causes

The Committee had agreed that there were sufficient funds to donate another sum of £100 to a good cause, as agreed by last year’s AGM. Three suggestions were received – Sustainable St Albans, Herts Air Ambulance and Strife. A vote would be requested from the membership via the Newsletter and a notice placed on the front of the Hut door. More information about these causes will be sent out separately.